my personal valentine

thoughts on “being human” and “being” itself
what makes me, what makes us to human beings and how do we influence what happens in society – the WE?
who is this WE and what influence does it have on us. of course there are no universal answers here, rather it is a sea of many different points (I’s) that form themselves in the WE to a society or many societies. how much does this WE have an influence on our own and how can we find a balanced position in which both have a place. in which the I does not fight against the WE and vice versa. how much are we influenced by the collective memory of a nation, a continent, a culture, a religion.
how much are we influenced by the media through mercantile and political propaganda? can we, despite all this, cultivate meaningful thinking and acting as humans, with the characteristics only given to humans, such as empathy, intellectual reflection, creativity and the ability to acquire knowledge, and not let ourselves be dominated by an omnipotence of logorythms. we think, we act, the machine does what it is developed for. it cannot reflect ethical and moral questions on it‘s own and therefore cannot act accordingly.
on the tracks of ME and US – influenced by own memories and imaginations, supplemented by material from my personal past and thoughts that are important to me. personal reflections and research, moods, impressions, poetry, text and things that are important to me find room. i would like to illuminate these questions from a personally applied reflection.
in this context i would like to take up the idea of CARE and think on a broader level. care translated as to take care. to take care in a larger context means for me to establish a respectful way of dealing with all living beings and at the beginning with myself. i take good care that my energies can flow and that i can direct them in the right way for me. by taking care of my mental, physical and spiritual health, i can also meet the “you” respectfully. CARE is meant as an umbrella to cultivate social dimensions of caring and ecological considerations in the sense of nurturing, creating a fertile ground for it. taking care of nature and the planet, which is already in intensive care unit due to neoliberal ways of acting and capital flows. building an archive of decelerated, sustainable and respectful relationships through CARE.