gira mundo!
sueno otro mundo

i developed the work “gira mundo!” out of the work series my personal valentine. it presents complex reflections on “being human” from my point of view. the imperative gira mundo! demands a radical rethinking.

through the digital worlds we experience a different reality and new worlds of images, but is this real or does it lead us astray. a persistent questioning of our own and other people´s reality is useful and necessary. it is more important than ever to build a close and healthy relationship with the own emotions, a relationship that is determined by true needs and not oriented towards the trends and fashions prevailing at the time. we can change habitual thought structures, radically question them and set new parameters. the focus is on “being” in all its diversity, dignity and sensitivity, as a permanent constant. this does not mean that i am against fashions and trends. you can always go along with them, but you have to be aware and should not let yourself be dominated by them.

in this painting i use many metaphors that interact in an allegory.
an allegory is one of the oldest forms of representation in the visual arts, which has influenced western culture for many centuries.
according to the dictionary, allegory describes the pictorial representation of an abstract concept.
an allegory is constructed in terms of its meaning and requires a mental leap from the viewer, to associate it with a consciously linked thought.

in the upper half of the picture a figure is formed by the interaction of several pictures, which represents a kind of central energy, which radiates through inner wisdom. it recognizes all beings in their BEING, their DIGNITY and wants to take care for their needs.
i call her wisdom
according to the dictionary, wisdom is a teaching gained through life experience and inner maturity. it describes a profound understanding of interrelationships in nature, life and society, as well as the ability to find a coherent and meaningful solution and course of action for problems and challenges.

in the lower half of the picture
there is an arrangement of arm-fragments. the arms are not whole, they are only shown in fragments. they lack the wholeness to be able to act. they need a scope of action – a room for interaction.

i want to question the existing structures that are unilateral oriented towards cognitive abilities as a subject of discussion. this aspect leads to a one-sided preference of thinking work.
the manual skills and the satisfaction that comes along with them, the satisfaction of having created a beautiful and functioning product at the end of the day that you can be proud of, are not valued. this satisfaction is taken away from people and this has devastating effects. man longs to create something with his hands that he can hold in his hands. not for material reasons, but because it gives us a very deep connection with the elements of nature. a connection that can only be created by working with material. this is a very archaic form of happiness.

i see and feel with my own eyes that i can achieve something, that i can demand a form from the material. that i have created an object with it that proves itself in everyday life, that is useful and that is beautiful to look at.
craftsmanship is as deeply connected to us humans as being human itself. it is virtually unthinkable without it and it should not disappear from our daily lives due to immature and not holistically thought-out considerations with a one-sided cognitive orientation. the considerations for possible social structures in education, schools, training and politics must be oriented towards both cognitive knowledge acquisition and the training of manual skills.
in this way, more balance and satisfaction can be achieved in people and in interpersonal relationships.
the integration of manual skills allows the human being and “being” itself to be recognized in its entirety. this means perceiving the human being as a cognitive, manual and socially integrated being.
these are the most important statements i would like to address in this allegory. there are some more considerations, that cannot find space here in order to keep the text short.t