in this series, i aim to approach the topic of polarisation in an abstract way — by means of pictures. it is about words, thinking patterns, which we accept without reflection and which influence our lives – sometimes consciously, but very often, unconsciously. these patterns influence our conversations and our actions. private and public dialogues are characterised by a definition of and differentiation from theories. it is important that there is a culture of criticism, but we are only at the beginning of learning communication. in open discussions, controversial aspects are often not even discussed, they may only be articulated in a hidden way. it seems to be ingrained in us that one can only look at things which we have not really seen before from one angle. we focus on one aspect and leave out the rest, colloquially, we badmouth.

that is why it is important to me to create a work in which diversity and complexity of situations, things, actions, conditions are at the core. the world is set up in a way in which everything is connected. we are in a constant dialogue with our environment, in correspondence, interaction and change. that means there are many factors and they all influence the result. the more factors we recognize, the higher the likelihood is that the project is successful or the problem is solved in a positive way. i consciously do not want to give an example here and keep the wording abstract, so as to make it applicable to as many layers as possible.