is a discourse on variety, subtitle “me and the other“.

diversity in the sense of an encounter with the other, with a stranger, the unknown. diversity is currently a very bloated and frequently used term. for me it is about the self, the own self and the other self. diversity in nature and the diversity of people as part of nature. their characters, their peculiarities, habits, life forms. there have been a lot of rough and loud statements on the matter. i think diversity is also a matter of minute differences in habits, customs, life-forms and development.

what are their substances, essences, what is behind all these ways of living, how can we support them, but without betraying their peculiarities, their essence, their characteristics, and the uniqueness of their characters? which structures could help them to grow and rejuvenate in order to go into a fertile future.

the other one is not a stranger. when i open my mind and try to observe, see and feel the needs of the other, to understand the ways of life, the different languages, the behaviour, the mentalities etc., then i can analyse what kind of individual and lasting support is needed so that the other can gather strength and consciousness, a strong self and harmony in the life of its original form and can continue to live according to this way of life without the fear of destruction.