As a research based artist I deal with developments of different kinds. I have a special focus on sustainability and the relationship between ecology and the human being.

Over a period of 6 years I have worked on a wide-ranging work entitled “eatingthing”. A total of 7 blocks of work have been created. Through intense research of various kinds, I have gained an insight into the individual thematic areas and dedicated a block of work to each of them. In doing so, I dealt with the following topics:

The massive use of pesticides and herbicides, land grabbing and it‘s backgrounds, systematic exclusion and economic struggles, related economies and ecologies, alternative projects that seek and show a way out. Parts of the work deal critically with the different techniques that are used in agriculture, other parts show the impact that these agricultural economic policies have on many countries and their inhabitants.

I want to think in different directions and collect information, talk to people from different social, cultural and professional backgrounds. This is important to me, not to stay only on the cognitive level, but also to involve the heart and the hands.

Different media and techniques are used. Painting with wax, objet trouvés, materials taken directly from nature and photographic works in different techniques on different backgrounds are combined to create installations.

In the last two years I have worked on the theme of diversity and another extensive work entitled “my personal valentine”. In this work I reflect on my experiences, emotions, thoughts, impressions, as well as the environment inI live in.

What makes me, what makes us to humans, and how do we influence what happens in society – the WE? Who is this WE and what influence does it have on us. Of course there are no universal answers here, rather it is a sea of many different points (I’s) that form themselves in the WE to a society or many societies. How much does this WE have an influence on the own, and how can one find a balanced position in which both have place. In which the I does not fight against the we and vice versa. How much are we influenced by the collective memory of a nation, a continent, a culture, a religion, and what role do the media, mercantile and political propaganda play here?

Can we, in spite of all this, cultivate meaningful thinking and acting, with the characteristics given only to humans, such as empathy, intellectual reflection, creativity and the ability to acquire knowledge, and not let ourselves be dominated by an omnipotence of the logorythms. We think, we act, the machine does what it is developed for. It cannot reflect ethical and moral questions by itself and therefore cannot act accordingly.